Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Your Digital Identity

Many of you know that I consider George Couros a "must follow" (both his regular blog, his visually-oriented blog, and his twitter feed). Below is his slideshow on digital identities for educational leaders. As you run through the slides, reflect on this question: "How can we as reform-minded school superintendents help principals, teachers, students, or other stakeholders in the educational community understand how to properly engage, safely communicate, or learn while on the web or within online educational communities if we don't engage ourselves?" The Networked Educational Leader-Day 3 (Digital Identity)

The result of genuine engagement on the web (in the form of a digitally-oriented PLC) is a digital identity. My recommendation is that you have a three digital applications you use to engage on the web. For me, its my blog, my Twitter feed, and my Diigo social bookmarking account. For you, your three could include a Facebook page (social media page), a Plurk micro-blog, and a Digg content sharing account.  Many have more than three means of engaging in the " digital stream," some have less. I would encourage you to begin your journey of developing a digital identity by starting with three different modes, each with a different purpose.

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