Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let me introduce you to David Rushkoff

Winner of a Neil Postman Award and a professor of Media Studies at NYU (and a colleague of Clay Shirky), David Rushkoff is a figure with increasing authority on the influence of the web and how it can both transform and inhibit the transformation of the human experience. In his latest book he provocatively asserts that we either digitally engage and direct the web or remain complacent and allow the people who have mastered the web to direct us.

After viewing this short lecture by Rushkoff, do you think we as educational leaders are "operating in a binary medium" of educating our nation's children? How do we guide reform to "an analog system," built separate from the legacy systems of the industrial age? What are the deep embedded "biases" of our medium of educating children? How can we as school district administrators reform our system to instill capacity in children to solve the biases of tomorrow? (And not for the dying, archaic systems that now decay in disaggregation.)

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