Sunday, March 20, 2011

Creating Personal Learning Networks For District Administrators

The development of a personal learning network can be one of the most catalytic projects a school administrator can engage in. Book groups are great. Conferences are highly instructive. But both are intermittent and somewhat interruptive. A digitally-driven personal learning network, however, is ongoing and integrated into your professional (and personal) life. When a network of professionals all simultaneously learns and circulates information, the network has an energizing effect, serving to solve problems and expand knowledge-bases.

Last week, while teaching a class to district administrators about the use of digital-age tools, I explained the power of a personal learning network. One of the goals of the course is for district administrators to develop a personal learning network and to participate in a digitally-oriented professional learning community. What follows is a guide (of sorts) for district administrators who would like to develop their own personal learning networks. The guide is organized by some of the questions that district administrators asked me when I was teaching the class on digital tools.

What are Personal Learning Networks?

Here, William Richardson gives a brief overview of a PLN.

This infographic illustrates the degree to which people participate in PLNs varies.

Here, Jeff Utecht reviews the stages a person experiences as he/she engages in a PLN. 

Stages of PLN adoption
Source: Jeff Utecht's Flickr Account
How Do I Develop One?A great slideshow covering the tools people use to engage in a PLN. Build a PLN with Web 2.0 Tools (FETC 09)
View more presentations from Katie Morrow

How can PLNs help my PLC?

Mark Wagner does a great job in this slideshow explaining how PLNs and PLCs are interwoven.

Where do I go for resources?

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