Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Place of Our Own (Guest Post)

The following post was written by David Bell (@dtbell22) regarding a recent day of internal professional development. It was the single best day of teacher development that I have ever experienced, anywhere in my career. The peer-to-peer collaborative instruction resulted in high ownership. The boots-on-the-ground knowledge of actual tool implementation made for high interest. The embedded nature of the sessions substantially decreased distance between the act of development and the place where the new learning would be executed. Finally, hands-on, action-oriented sessions made for a great opportunity to play, experiment, problem-solve, and learn. I've never been prouder of the staff. 

On Friday, January 27th our faculty participated in an educational technology workshop. The exciting part is that we did not have to visit another school or have an expert guest speaker flown in. Teachers participated in 21 different learning sessions led by their colleagues. It was an opportunity for our staff to showcase the educational tools being implemented in their classrooms and to model how these technologies enhance instruction. The benefit to a professional development activity of this nature is that our teachers now have access to a local network of experts. I am confident that all teachers learned more applications that will strengthen their instruction.

Sessions included:
A few pictures from the event:

Mrs. Sanders presenting on iPad Basics
Mrs. Lundeen leading a session on the Smart Pen and Websites
Mr. Woodhouse and Mr. in App Evaluation for District Guidelines
Mr. Bakke helping us set up Diigo accounts for research
Using iPods for testing accommodations with Mr. Hundt
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