Monday, February 21, 2011

Educating School Boards about Social Media

Progressive school leaders across the nation are trying to help school boards (and other educational-community stakeholders) to better understand digital-age tools so that educators can formally use them to amplify learning. Currently, most school districts are taking a "ready, FIRE, aim" approach to any social media that they are allowing beyond the school doors, meaning that they are permitting the use of the digital tools without meaningfully amending and shaping policy to ensure reasonable safety, sensible boundaries of application, and appropriate response to infractions in expectations.

Karl Fisch and Dan Maas (of Littleton Public Schools), however, have taken an awesome approach of educating the school board so that they can better structure policy, procedures, and practice that align with their district's vision and purpose and so that their policies are unique in meeting the needs of the communities that the board represents. The "prezi" below is not only functional in educating school boards on social media (and others for that matter), but it also has an effective slant and tone for the novice or inexperienced  (who sometimes get overwhelmed or cynical).

How should we engage and educate school boards about digital-age tools? What other educational-community stakeholders need a primer social media? How else can we not only demystify but also reveal the potential of digital-age tools? Does anyone else have a resource for or an example of educating school boards about social media?

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