Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Brief Introduction to Web 3.0

I increasingly hear more chatter about the next evolution of the web, and how we will use the internet to increase our overall quality of life. Web 3.0 is just that next advancement. Developments in augmented reality, personal learning networks, coding language, and wireless devices will define the possibilities of Web 3.0. I forget who this quotation is from, but I am sure I heard it via Michael Wesch; it goes something like, "There are no communication failures, only filter failures." Web 3.0 will also be smarter in how it retrieves and presents the correct information to participants. After viewing the slideshow, reflect on education. How will these transformations and improvements be utilized in schools? How can we harness the power of these developments to create powerful environments for personalized student learning? What type of leaderships skills do our educational leaders need to exert in order to affect real change as the internet becomes more responsive and intelligent? The discussion should start here. Web 3.0: The way forward?

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