Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Administrative Technology Standards (Part 2)

In addition to the ISTE Administrative Standards of 2009 are the CoSN Action Steps for Superintendents to increase readiness for effective leadership with regard to 21st Century skills and technology. 

As I've stated before, most of these steps are directions of what "to do" after we "get it," but these standards don't actually help administrators conceptualize the use of technology in the first place. Still, understanding what is expected of us in the future can help create urgency and direction when we begin the process of "getting it." 

CoSN 21st Century Superintendent: Action Steps for Superintendents and District Leadership Teams

  • Reflect on your own use of technology and explore new ways to use technology to improve your knowledge, skills, personal productivity and leadership effectiveness.
  • Commit to attending at least one regional, state or national conference focused on technology use in education every year.
  • Collaborate as a leadership team to identify and implement technology-based approaches to communicating, interacting and engaging with students, parents and your community. Videoconferencing technologies, for example, are an easy-to-use, effective tool for communications and collaboration.
  • Revise annual performance goals to include actions steps for developing technology skills; keeping current with technology; identifying opportunities to test technology systems to strengthen administrative functions or improve student learning; and model uses of hardware, software and compelling learning environments for the school community, including teachers and other staff members, students and parents.
  • Understand the value of technology in terms of its costs and benefits.
  • Develop and deploy coaches to improve every facet of district technology leadership.
Here is a video developed by CoSN to explain what the standards are and what we should be doing to achieve the standards. 

After having read both the ISTE standards and the CoSN Action Steps, we should have a pretty good idea of what we have "to do" after we understand "what it is." The next measure, however, is learning how to use digital-age tools and engaging in activities that help us understand the nature of digital-age tools so that we are better able to fulfill the standards and effectively provide 21st Century aligned leadership for excellence in learning? What activities do you think would most effectively help us understand the tools of the digital age? 

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