Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Isomorphism and the article, "25 Years of Computers in Education: What Has Changed?"

25 Years of Computers in Education: What Has Changed? By Patrick Ledesma: "And that's too bad..... Twenty-five years later, the computers changed, the way students use computers changed, the world has changed.But many educators are still forced to teach like we still have the Commodore 64."

On Monday, I wrote (in part) about the concept of isomorphism; here, Patrick Lesdesma does a great job of exposing us to the isomorphism of our use of computers in the classroom. For all the banners, all the hype, vision changes, and major national and statewide technology-based initiatives, we are still not utilizing computers much differently than we were 25 years ago. Why? I think it's because administrators have been left on the fringe of technology development; we've been left behind, and now we have a hard time conceptualizing what the potentials of technology (such as the cloud, collaborative documents, digital learning communities, etc.) mean and how to lead our districts in such a way that realizes any of the potentials.

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